Census results are in!

The first official Primary Ethics Census was held in May, and the results are now in.

Thank you to every ethics teacher who submitted their data. The response rate was close to 100% which was a great effort.

An overview:

In May 2016, ethics teachers taught 32,272 children in over 400 schools. This represents 7% of NSW primary school children.

We can see from the results that 60% of schools are facilitating classes across at least three of the four stages of primary school. The stages are early stage 1 (kindergarten), stage 1 (years 1 & 2), stage 2 (years 3 & 4) and stage 3 (years 5 & 6).

Results show that ethics volunteers from Willoughby Public School are currently running the state’s largest program, with 418 students and a total of 20 classes across all stages.

The next stage of the process includes asking ethics coordinators to any numbers they may have of students from each year who are on the waitlist for ethics classes. This will help to determine some of the areas where there is the greatest need for volunteers and biggest opportunities for growth.

We will also further process the data to build a more comprehensive picture of how school communities are introducing and building an ethics program for their schools.

Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and donors for helping Primary Ethics deliver ethics classes to public schools across NSW.