Ethics lessons finish early for term 1

Ethics volunteers and schools have been working together to end their Term 1 ethics lessons by 20 March – if they haven’t already – to allow schools to establish best-practice social distancing and to protect our volunteers.

We look forward to seeing our volunteers return to classrooms at the start of Term 2.

Primary Ethics and its volunteers wish to support the wider community effort to ‘flatten the curve’ – the term used to describe social distancing techniques that will lower demand on critical health services during the pandemic.

Other organisation-wide measures Primary Ethics has established include:

Postponing all upcoming training sessions

Work is underway to have our courses available for volunteers to complete virtually. Further information will be provided for training participants and their support teams.

Social distancing measures

Our regional managers and ethics coordinators are encouraged to complete interviews by phone or Zoom/Skype, and to host virtual get-togethers or delay regular catch-ups.

Phone-based classroom support

Our classroom support team members continue to mentor ethics teachers by phone but are postponing in-class visits until classes resume in Term 2

Staff to work remotely

Our team of full and part time staff are now working almost entirely remotely, with skeleton staffing of the office by team members who live close-by and commute on foot or by bike.

Contacting Primary Ethics

Our phone cover will be more limited at times than usual, but if you leave a message or send an email, we’ll get back to you shortly.