Logging lesson unavailability in EVIE

Whenever authorised ethics teachers log on to EVIE, they are able to see their lesson schedule  (if their ethics coordinator has assigned classes – if they haven’t, please ask them to).

Using the lesson schedule, teachers can log their unavailability for future lessons. EVIE will then advertise for relief teachers for those lessons on Chatter (the chat group within EVIE). For example, if the school is in the Ryde network, EVIE will publish the available relief lesson in Ryde Chatter so that teachers who live in the district can apply to cover the lesson.

This fact sheet explains how to use My Lessons to see your lesson schedule and how to log dates when you’re unavailable. Note – we use the Department of Education’s definitions:

  • Class is a group of students
  • Lessons are weekly instances of that class being taught.

My Lessons – schedule

Log on to the volunteer portal. You’ll see My Lessons (pink alarm clock icon) beneath the photo-tiles.






Below is a larger screenshot of My Lessons. The columns show:

  • Class name – if your coordinator has entered a specific name for your class. In the screenshot you can see that the teacher Billie has two classes, a kindy class and a year 4 class;
  • Date of the lesson;
  • Time of the lesson;
  • Post-class reporting checkbox – this will be ticked by EVIE when you submit a post-class report for that lesson;
  • No Lesson checkbox – this might be ticked by your coordinator to show that the school hasn’t scheduled a lesson for that date, e.g. at the start of the school year;
  • Lesson ID – clickable hyperlink into the Lesson record.






The table is currently displaying lessons by class name and then lesson ID number. You can sort the table so that lessons are displayed by date order.

Displaying the lessons by date

Hover over the Date column until the small arrow appears – click the small arrow so that it points up and sorts the lessons in date order.





Here’s the view in date order:




My Lessons – viewing the lesson record

Click on any lesson ID to open the record – it’s a blue hyperlink.





The lesson record will be displayed. For this lesson, the No Lesson checkbox is ticked and opening the Lesson record will show if the coordinator has entered the reason there is no lesson.




Logging unavailability

You can use EVIE to log when you’re going to be unavailable for lessons more than two weeks in advance. EVIE will notify your ethics coordinator and publish those lesson dates on the relevant Chatter Group, so that other teachers can offer to take the lessons.

If you’re not able to teach a lesson:

  • Less than two weeks in advance – let your coordinator know;
  • On the day of the lesson – contact your school office and ask them to send the students to the alternative managed activities (non-scripture).

Open My Classes

Click on the My Classes photo-tile or the tab to open the classes assigned to you.






The Classes records are displayed – click on the Class number to open the individual class.




The individual Class record is displayed – click on the Log Unavailability button (top right-hand side)



Fill out the details for your unavailability on the Log Unavailability screen: start and end dates and the reason you’re unavailable.

Billie is logging unavailability for lessons on 15 February, when they’re on holiday for a week. They will log unavailability for both classes, one class at a time.

Here is the My Lesson view before Billie logs unavailability.








Billie logs unavailability for their Kindy class and will then log unavailability for their Y4 class.








The lessons will be removed from Billie’s My Lessons schedule.

EVIE notifies the ethics coordinator

EVIE alerts your ethics coordinator that you’ve logged unavailability. Here’s a screenshot from our user testing, showing the email that goes to the coordinator.

EVIE publishes relief teaching opportunity on Chatter

EVIE publishes the details on the local Chatter group so that interested teachers, who’ve registered relief teaching preferences, can get in touch with your ethics coordinator. EVIE acts as a broker – the relief teaching opportunity will only appear on Chatter for those ethics teachers who have registered relief teaching preferences that match the opportunity:

    • Day of the week that the lesson is taught
    • Time of day that the lesson is taught
    • Local network – where the school is located
    • Grade (year group).

This screenshot (from user testing) illustrates what a relief teacher with matching preferences will see on Chatter.






This screenshot (from user testing) shows the email that a relief teacher with matching preferences will receive from EVIE.



You will find more fact sheets in the Document Library on how ethics teachers set their relief teaching preferences and respond to relief teaching opportunities and how ethics coordinators assign lessons to the chosen teacher.