How do I start ethics classes at my school?

Every student who attends a public primary school in NSW has the right to attend an ethics class in the weekly Special Religious Education/Special Education in Ethics timeslot (also known as SRE/SEE or ‘scripture’).

Where there is an ethics class up and running at the school, a child can begin when their parent or carer provides a request for enrolment  to the school. If classes are full, the child’s name will be added to a waitlist until another volunteer can be recruited and trained for the ethics teacher role – read about becoming a volunteer here.

If ethics classes have not yet been established at your local school, we can help you to get it happening. Here’s what to do:

Step One – let us know

Register your interest with Primary Ethics. One of our Volunteer Managers will be in contact to assist you with the process of setting up an ethics program for your school.

Step Two – speak to other parents and carers at your school

Start the conversation and determine whether there is broader interest in starting a class or classes.

Refer interested parents to our website and encourage them to get involved.

You can also find us on:

Step Three – notify the school

Speak to your school’s Special Religious Education/Special Education in Ethics (SRE/SEE) Coordinator or your principal to let them know you would like your child to attend ethics classes and to engage their support.

Step Four – consider volunteering

The fastest way to get ethics classes up and running is to volunteer as a teacher or coordinator. Canvass your personal and wider networks to help find volunteers. Remember, for every ethics teacher we train for your school, up to 22 children will gain access to ethics classes.

Step Five – enrol your child in ethics!

Send a request for enrolment letter to your school.