Our People

SELRES_a05a306e-594b-4f43-93c7-4684b44350d1SELRES_a05a306e-594b-4f43-93c7-4684b44350d1Dr Sue Knight, Curriculum Author

Dr Sue Knight

Dr Knight holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Adelaide and has spent more than 20 years researching and teaching within the University of South Australia’s School of Education. Dr Knight is the author of the Primary Ethics curriculum, which consists of 79 topics crafted for each stage of primary education.  Read more

Evan Hannah, CEO

Evan Hannah

Evan Hannah, CEO

Evan took on the role of ethics coordinator at his son’s school  in 2014, and joined the Primary Ethics staff in 2017. Evan’s career began in journalism, before moving to management positions within media organisations. Now CEO of Primary Ethics, Evan’s focus is to build and strengthen the Primary Ethics program across the state.

Karen Lee

Karen Lee, Training Manager

Karen has extensive experience in community education, training and the VET sector. Karen develops and manages Primary Ethics’ new teacher training and continuing professional development programs, develops online learning and manages the team of trainers. She also has a pivotal role in the Classroom Support Team and in curriculum management. Karen holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology from UNSW.


Heidi McElnea

Heidi McElnea, Communications Manager

Heidi joined the team in 2014 to work for a cause she was passionate about. She coordinates communications for volunteers, supporters and parents, manages Primary Ethics’ online platforms and works with volunteers and media to raise the profile of Primary Ethics across the state. Heidi also volunteers as an ethics coordinator and ethics teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Communications from Macquarie University.

Maria McCarthy, Volunteering Manager-North

Maria McCarthy

Maria’s role is the recruitment, engagement and development of our volunteers north of Sydney’s CBD to the Queensland border. She joined Primary Ethics as an ethics teacher in 2011, became regional manager in 2013 and then Development Manager before taking charge of the North in 2014. Maria holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Women’s Studies.

Steve Dolan, Volunteering Manager-South


Steve Dolan

Steve‘s role is to support our volunteer community south of Sydney Harbour. He’s also an ethics teacher in the Sutherland Shire. Steve has worked in the software industry for 40 years with senior management roles in sales, marketing and channels. Steve and his family lived in Singapore for a decade and he’s worked in Asia Pacific countries from Japan to India. Steve will also be contributing to the enhancement of our IT systems and business processes to help support our fast-growing volunteer community.

Elizabeth Allen, Engagement and Administration Manager

Elizabeth Allen square

Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth is a seasoned ethics teacher (currently teaching stage 3) who joined Primary Ethics staff in 2017 to assist to with running the organisation and building relationships with stakeholders. Elizabeth has extensive experience in corporate communications and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Science and German and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour.

Paula Lam, Administration Assistant

Paula Lam

Paula Lam

Paula’s background in IT support and recruitment administration, and strong customer service skills, has made her a valuable asset to the team. Since the birth of her son she has taken a keen interest in education and has completed a Cert III in Early Childhood Education. Paula runs the helpdesk and assists with enquiries from existing volunteers as well as people who are new to the program.

TRAINERS & Classroom Support team

Our Volunteers

Primary Ethics currently has 2574 treasured volunteers who deliver ethics programs in more that 500 schools across the state.