Arrange a bequest

Your gift to Primary Ethics will be used to assist young people develop the skills they require to become the responsible decision-makers of tomorrow.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift left to a beneficiary in an individual’s will. This might be:

  1. A residuary bequest – the balance of the estate
  2. A percentage of the estate
  3. A pecuniary bequest – a specific sum of money
  4. Assets such as shares, works of art or real estate

Unrestricted or unspecified bequests to Primary Ethics will be allocated to the area of highest priority at the time the bequest is realised. Unrestricted bequests are highly valued as they may be used to suit the needs of the organisation at the time.

A restricted bequest can be made for a specific purpose. If you wish to make a restricted bequest or to bequeath a culturally significant gift, we ask that you make contact with our Chief Executive Officer who can assist you with determining whether Primary Ethics is able to accommodate your wishes.

How should I word the bequest?

Independent legal advice should be sought regarding the composition of a will, however wording may include one or more of the following:

I give, free of all duties and taxes:

[the whole of my estate]
[___% of my estate]
[the residue of my estate]
[___% of the residue of my estate]
[the sum of AUD_____]
[___ of my shares in _____]
[my property situated at _____ having the title reference_____]
[the proceeds from the sale of _____ as liquidated by the executor of the estate]
[life insurance policy number _____ as held by _____]

to Primary Ethics Ltd (ABN 28 147 194 349)…

Further information

For full details about wording and options and for a confidential discussion, please email our General Manager or call  on 02 8068 7752.