Class Data Q&A

Have a question about filling out the form? We’ve compiled some answers below to help make the process clear. A short how-to video is also available to guide you through the steps – watch now.

Using the spreadsheet 

Q Is there an option if I don’t have Excel on my computer?

A A free online version of Excel is available: or simply call the office and tell us your data over the phone (02 8068 7752).


Q I have a teacher who teaches two classes – where do I add the details of their second class?

A On a blank row in the first column, simply select that teacher’s name a second time from the dropdown menu and add the details of their second class in the corresponding columns (you may need to scroll up on the dropdown menu to find their name if it appears blank).

Q One of our ethics teachers is not on the list – where do I add their name?

A From the dropdown menu in the first column, choose the first option ‘Unlisted Teacher’. Fill out the class details and write the teacher’s name in the ‘Comments’ column.

Q What is the ‘Unlisted teacher’ line for?

A If you have a teacher at your school who is not listed on your AVL, you can add them here. Add their class details, and then key in their name in the comments column. If not, just leave it blank.

Q One of our regular teachers is away for a few weeks and a casual ethics teacher is taking the class. How should I record that?

A Record the class data under the regular teacher who is absent and put the casual teacher’s name and reason in ‘Comment’.

Q One of the teachers listed doesn’t have a class at the moment, how should I record that?

A If there is no information to enter for a teacher, add a brief explanation in the ‘Comment’ column (resigned, casual etc)

Q I have two teachers who share a class. How do I mark that on the spreadsheet?

A Occasionally we have instances where two teachers share responsibility for a class. If this is the case in your school, mark the data against one teacher and write ‘Class share with [name]’ in the Comment field.

Student numbers

Q I’m not sure which year/s the children are from, I only know what stage they’re in. What should I do? 

A If it is not written on the roll, ask your ethics teachers to take a show of hands in their next lesson and record the number of children in each year. If you’re still not sure, enter the data in the first ‘Student year/ Student numbers’ column of the lower year.


Q The exact time of the class is not listed – what shall I do?

A Choose the closest time available on the dropdown list – an approximate start time is fine.

Uploading your completed spreadsheet to the Class Data tile

Class DataOnce you’ve finished entering the data on your spreadsheet (thank you) log on to the Learning Centre and upload it to your Class Data tile – click here to go there directly.

Q Why does the status show as pending?

A This is just to indicate to our Helpdesk that it is new information ready to process – once we’ve processed it, it will show as completed. There is nothing more for you to do.

Q Can I access this data again?

A The Class Data tile is only used for collection – please keep your own copy of this file to reference when you are planning new classes or preparing for next year.

Q What if the numbers and classes change later in the year?

A We suggest you keep your own record updated to help with your planning, but we won’t ask you for these updated details until May next year.

Q Will I be able to see the Class Data for other schools in my area?

A Yes, we will run reports from different regions and share the results with you at a later date.

Thanks so much for your assistance in providing class data for your school.