Primary Ethics conference resources

Following on from the 2017 Primary Ethics Volunteer Conference, two regional conferences were held in 2018 at the University of Wollongong and the University of Newcastle. A huge thank you to the volunteers who were able to join us on the day. We’ve collated some of the content of each below for our volunteers to view and/or to share with fellow Primary Ethics volunteers.

Conference slide-decks

Introduction to Philosophical Ethics

Primary Ethics philospher and trainer Kelby Mason gives us plenty to ponder in his overview of philosophical ethics and how it forms the basis for the Primary Ethics approach. View slides

Classroom support

What is classroom support, and how can we use it? Coral Sturgess, manager of the Classroom Support Team (CST) and Primary Ethics trainers and CST members Sophie Paterson and Rose-Anne Manns share ideas to help us optimise the experience of ethics classes for both our students and ourselves as teachers. View slides

Promoting Primary Ethics

What are some strategies and resources for making our communities aware and involved in our program? Communications manager Heidi McElnea provides examples and suggestions. View slides


Questions with Dr Sue Knight: How do we design ethics classes to help children to think deeply and well about ethical issues? Primary Ethics curriculum author Dr Sue Knight describes the processes of developing and delivering the unique Primary Ethics curriculum.

Questions with Dr Simon Longstaff: Why is it important for children to learn skills in philosophical ethics today, and what implications does it have for our society in the future? We hear from Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of the Ethics Centre and Director of the Primary Ethics Board, on the critical work of Primary Ethics volunteers.

A message to volunteers from Bruce Hogan:  The inaugural Chair of the Board of Primary Ethics reflects on the progress of Primary Ethics since its establishment in late 2010, the direction in which it is headed and the essential role that our volunteers play.