Primary Ethics Bites!

Self-paced program for small groups

Primary Ethics Bites are based on the ethics classes that are run by trained volunteer teachers in NSW public schools, for children in kindergarten up to year 6 – and in 2021, extending into secondary schools. Ethics classes use a community-of-inquiry model, facilitating discussion between the children about age-appropriate, everyday issues. 

Primary Ethics Bites offer a bite-sized ethical issue for individual students or small groups to chew over with the help of you, the learning supervisor. Our simple training package will support you to foster deeper thinking, listening and reasoning from your students. 

On this page you’ll find:

  • Four Bites lessons to sample
  • Expression of interest form.

Sample Bites lessons

Kindy – Year 2

Years 3 – 6

Expression of interest form

Primary Ethics is currently offering Bites to learning supervisors of children from 4-13 years of age to expand access to children outside the public primary school system. Please get in touch using the form below if you would like more information.