Fair choice for every family

Fair choice for every family socialNSW Labor has committed to reinstating ethics on the school enrolment form if they win the next election. We commend Labor leader Luke Foley and Shadow Education Minister Jihad Dib for heeding community calls for a fair and informed choice for families.

Education minister Rob Stokes has suggested that he and the NSW Liberal Party are of the same mind, and that “the government’s view was that parents should have a choice when it comes to schooling, and that extends to whether they choose religious or secular lessons”. He had “spoken to the special religious education consultative committee and they indicated they were happy for the forms to change.” (Sydney Morning Herald, 10 June)

The previous enrolment form used to allow parents to enrol their children directly into ethics classes:

Previous enrolment form with ethics tick box.png

The current enrolment form only offers parents the option to choose a religious option:

Current enrolment form 2017

A change to the enrolment form is the best way to provide families with all options upfront and to respect their right to choose what’s best for their children. Adding the ethics option to the enrolment form also raises awareness of the program and drives new classes, programs and volunteers.

Please add your name to our petition requesting a fair choice here.