Information resources for Primary Ethics

It’s our goal that every primary-school parent knows ethics is an option for their child, and that parents and the wider community know about volunteering opportunities with Primary Ethics.

Thank you for sharing information about ethics education with your community.

Our resource kit contains:

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1. Information flyer for families

An image of the front cover of our families for flyer which shows an ethics teacher with her classAn introduction to ethics classes for parents and carers that is useful for school office foyers, for P&C meetings and kindy orientation packs. Designed pro-bono by Flame,

Place an order for delivery of printed flyers (free) to your school or download the file to print.

2. Information for schools (school teacher’s guide)

This double-sided A4 info sheet gives principals, classroom teachers and other Department of Education staff an overview of Primary Ethics education program. Designed pro-bono by Fireseed.

Download Information for schools (school teacher’s guide)

3. Volunteering flyers

Designed pro-bono by the team at Flame, these are designed to be a double sided A5 flyer, although can be used as a single stand alone flyer (and will also print to a larger size A4).

Download A5 2pp volunteering flyer for web

Download A5 2pp volunteering flyer for print (includes slug area for printer)

Download A5 2pp volunteering flyer for print (no slug)

4. Workplace volunteering info sheet

One page info sheet designed for businesses and organisations considering Primary Ethics as part of their volunteering or corporate social responsibility program.

Social media posts

These images are designed to be posted on your own social media accounts, or on a group or community page that allows for volunteering and not-for-profit posts. See also ideas for accompanying text.

Print advertisements

We worked with Flame to create print ads for newspapers and magazines. Feel free to ask your local publication if they will run them as no-cost filler ads. Download preferred sizes below. With sufficient lead time, we may be able to resize to fit.

Primary Ethics Advert 92Hmm x 262Wmm

Primary Ethics Advert 87Hmm x 278Wmm

Primary Ethics Advert 188Hmm x 262Wmm

Primary Ethics Advert 188Hmm x 129Wmm

Primary Ethics Advert 186Hmm x 194.2Wmm

Primary Ethics Advert 161Hmm x 278Wmm

Primary Ethics Advert 161Hmm x 145Wmm


Skills for today, hope for tomorrow 3min39sec: Hear from those involved in Primary Ethics – students, volunteers and schools – about what makes the program so valuable.

Introduction to philosophical ethics 4min: Explains the philosophical framework of ethics classes.  Created low-bono by Vic Moey.

Our shared purpose 5min40sec: ethics class case study from Parramatta East

Why be part of an ethics class? 4min30sec: Gives overview of ethics class and short interviews with ethics teacher and stage 1 students. Created pro-bono by Tin Cat Productions.

Why do you do ethics? Interviews with stage 3 students 2min20sec: Stage 3 students explain what they enjoy about the ethics program.

Why volunteer to be an ethics teacher? 1min30sec: Why volunteer to be an ethics teacher? What happens in an ethics class? What skills do the students learn? We ask ethics teacher Mike McDonnell. Created pro-bono by Tin Cat Productions.


Download the workplace volunteering info sheet


Resource pagePull-up banners available for use for shows, info stalls, etc. Please contact your regional manager or email to arrange pick-up. Pro-bono design by  Flame.

Tshirts – We have some Tshirts available for stallholders at a cost of $20. Contact the office to order

Printable resources

2 pages of curriculum topics (designed by JR Design)

PrimaryEthics@Home print out (May 2019)

Please see also flyers above.