Primary Ethics New England/North West

Tamworth March 2020Primary Ethics is the approved provider of Special Education in Ethics (SEE) in NSW public primary schools.

There are 500 schools participating in the program across the state.

In the New England region, ethics classes are running at:

  • Armidale City Public School
  • Ben Venue Public School
  • Drummond Memorial Public School
  • Kentucky Public School
  • Martin’s Gully Public School 

Contact Denise Palmer, Armidale Regional Manager at for more information about ethics classes in Armidale.

In the North West region, Tamworth Public School and Timbumburi Public School are due to start classes in term 2 2020. Contact for more details about ethics classes in schools in Tamworth.

Become a Primary Ethics volunteer

Apply at

Our next ethics teacher training session is scheduled for the weekend of the 28 & 29 March in Tamworth. To apply to volunteer and attend the training, please fill out the form at and select your preferred school (or a general region).

What happens in an ethics class?

Primary Ethics classes provide students from K – 6 with the opportunity to learn skills in critical thinking, respectful discussion and the capacity to make well-reasoned decisions rather than those based on peer pressure or habit. Classes run for 30 – 45 minutes at a set time each week, which is usually at the same time as SRE (Special Religious Education).

What is in the curriculum?

All of our 79 curriculum topics have been reviewed by the Department of Education. Read more

Information for families flyer

Our Information for families flyer is designed for enrolment and kindy orientation packs. It’s also handy to keep in a stack in your school office foyer.

Place an order for delivery of printed flyers (free) to your school.

Translated information for families

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