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Education Amendment (Ethics) Bill passed by both houses

Ethics Bill (AUSTLII 1 December 2010)
Anti-ethics classes (Daily Telegraph Miranda Devine 1 December 2010)
Ethics classes too difficult to compete with; they must be destroyed – Pure Poison (Crikey 1 December 2010)
Who’s teaching the ethics teachers getting their ethics? (Australian Christian Lobby 1 December 2010)
Buddhist support for ethics classes (Bhante Sujato, Abbott of the Santi Forest Monastery 30 November 2010)
Should our kids learn about ethics? (Brisbane Times 29 November 2010)
The Ethics of Free Choice (SMH 29 November 2010)
Ethics Classes approved in NSW (2SER Razor’s Edge 27th November 2010)
Mike Carlton “Back in September Barry O’Farrell sent me a glossy brochure setting out his plans for government’ (SMH 27 November 2010)
Studies for tomorrow’s chancers (The Australian James Valentine 27 November 2010)
Intolerant Churches punishing non-believers (The Australian James Valentine 25 November 2010)

Coalition announces that Ethics will be banned when they come to power

Losing poll position with ethics stance (26 November 2010)
Law will protect ethics classes from being dumped by Coalition (26 November 2010)
NSW govt moves to protect ethics classes(25 November 2010)
Ethics – Opinion by Simon Longstaff (ABC Religion 24 November 2010)
School ethics classes appear doomed at final hurdle (24 November 2010)
Australia: Ethics Classes Are Opposed by Religious Groups (24 November 2010)
Coalition bumps against its limits on choice (24 November 2010)
Ethics right, refusal wrong for state schools (24 November 2010)


NSW Ethics Classes in Doubt (24 November 2010)
Ethics Classes to start in 2011 (23rd November 2010)


Ethics – Opinion (ABC Religion 18 November 2010)
Special Ethics Education should be allowed for children not attending scripture classes (17 November 2010)
Ethics Classes In NSW Schools (18 November 2010)
An ethical debate sure to enlighten (17 November 2010)

Ethics Classes Pilot Developed

Most back study of ethics as an alternative to religion, believe it or not (18 November 2010)
Trial ethics classes for primary school students (19th April 2010)
PM, ABC Radio (13th April 2010)
Sunday work will be death of you as Jensen keeps his Word (17th April 2010)
Anglican Church to vet ethics lesson (13th April 2010)
Complaints put brakes on ethics class trial (17th April 2010)
Find these kids an alternative, for god’s sake (11th April 2010)
The trouble with school ethics classes – Eureka Street (16th April 2010)
You can’t teach ethics without referring to Christianity (9th April 2010)
Churches revolt over Ethics classes in schools (15th April 2010)
Religious Education loses out in Ethics Trial (18th March 2010)
Religious Education not as special as it was (15th April 2010)
School parents keen on scripture alternative (25th February 2010)
Freedom of Irreligion (14th April 2010)
School kids learn about lying (21st February 2010)
Bishop enters battle against secular ethics classes (14th April 2010)


Ethics trial backlash (6th July 2010)
Baulkham Hills mum sees benefits in ethics classes (22nd June 2010)
SA academic to assess school ethics trial (5th July 2010)
Ethics class will have to find its own teachers (22nd June 2010)
Ethics course trial ends at Crown St Public School – Education – News | Central (30th June 2010)
Get the church out of government schools – Sarrah Le Marquand (22nd June 2010)
Ethics trial: good or bad? – Education – News | Southern Courier (29th June 2010)
Kids need protection from ads – and Bible bashers (20th June 2010)
Creationism creeps into NSW schools | The Australian (26th June 2010)
Parents told to put pen to paper – Local News – News – General – Bay Post/Moruya Examiner (16th June 2010)
Leunig cartoon on Ethics classes (25th June 2010)
Right This Wrong. Letters, SMH (15th June 2010)
Ten Myths About the Ethics Trial, from Living Ethics magazine (25th June 2010)
Light reading for night fevers | The Australian (13th June 2010)
Why I Volunteered, from Living Ethics magazine (25th June 2010)
More than a question of right and wrong (12th June 2010)
A satirical view of the issue on The 7pm Project (22nd June 2010)
Ethics or Dogma. Letters, SMH (11th June 2010)
Alan Jones Show, 2GB (10th June 2010)
Religion Takes Over from Ethics (15th May 2010)
Churches need an ethics lesson of their own (10th June 2010)
Ethics classes start at Leichhardt Public (15th May 2010)
Fact Sheet from NSW P&C Association (10th June 2010)
A meaningful alternative (15th May 2010)
God Only Knows Ethical Answer Letters, SMH (10th June 2010)
Baulkham Hills North Public on Compass (15th May 2010)
Church accused of branch stack over P and C campaign The World Today on ABC (9th June 2010)
All views count in schools blessed with tolerance (12th May 2010)
Catholic schools should get with the program (9th June 2010)
Nothing to Fear From Ethics Classes (10th May 2010)
Anglicans take ethics course battle to P&Cs (9th June 2010)
Trial celebrates choice and parental responsibility (10th May 2010)
Catholics try new tack in ethics row (8th June 2010)
Scripture classes lose half of students to ethics, say Anglicans (8th May 2010)
Ethics Classes in NSW Schools Godless Gross Blog (7th June 2010)
Education Review Article (6th May 2010)
Encounter, Radio National, Doco on the Ethics Pilot (6th June 2010)
Questions of Faith – Phil Cam and Neil Ormerod discuss ethics in the classroom (Philosopher’s Zone RN 6th May 2010)
Religious Education Teaches Tolerance Too, by Michael Jensen (6th June 2010)
Too-hot topics out of ethics (24th April 2010)
Ethics Classes start in NSW Schools, Stateline ABC TV (28th May 2010)
Ethics class not what the doctrine ordered | Daily Telegraph Maralyn Parker Blog (22nd April 2010)
Ethics dilemma for Hills Catholic churches – Local News – News – General – Hills News (28th May 2010)
Adjournment speech by Greens MP John Kaye in NSW Upper House (21st April 2010)
School ethics trial cops it two ways – Education – News | Inner West Courier (27th May 2010)
Hands up all those who want to explore ethics (21st April 2010)
Who Needs Ethics When You’ve Got Religion? (27th May 2010)
Late Night Live, ABC Radio National (20th April 2010)
Insight, SBS TV Religion in the Classroom (25th May 2010)
Ethics trial a Rees throwback: Catholics (20th April 2010)
George Pell says Ethics Push is Hostile to Religion (23rd May 2010)


ABC Religion & Ethics – Blog (12 November 2010)
Parents4ethics blog (9 November 2010)
The significance of ethics and religion (RN Australia Talks 8 November 2010)
Thou shall not teach humanism: ALP (The Age 7 November 2010)
‘Eternity’ – a Christian Magazine (6 November 2010)
Altar egos | (6 November 2010)
Hunter schools back ethics classes (Newcastle Herald 3rd November 2010)
ABC Religion & Ethics – Features (2nd November 2010)
Report finds strong support for ethics classes in schools (31 October 2010)
The Catholic Weekly – Sydney (28 October 2010)
Firth comes forth in favour of ethics classes (26 October 2010)
Baulkham Hills North mum hails ethics trial (26 October 2010)
Teaching Ethics in Schools (23rd October 2010)
Students to be schooled on ethics (22nd October 2010)
NSW To Introduce Ethics Classes Into Schools by Michael Jensen (21 October 2010)
What about the freedom of the non-religious by Catharine Lumby (21 October 2010)
Lock in ethics classes in schools, say Greens (20 October 2010)
NSW gives high marks to ethics classes Channel 9 News (20 October 2010)
The World Today – 20/10/2010: Ethics versus scripture in classroom turf war (20 October 2010)
Labor to defy churches: ethics classes likely to start next year (19 October 2010)
Ethics lessons: laity beef up opposition (13 October 2010)
Doing the right thing (28th September 2010)
Ethics classes won’t stop the extremists (24th September 2010)
Government and opposition commit to SRE (Sydney Anglicans 21st September 2010)
O’Farrell’s ethics test (21st September 2010)
God-botherers go to war, with O’Farrell caught in the middle (18th September 2010)
Barry O’Farrell’s school ethics vs scripture stance short-sighted (14th September 2010)
Ethics classes in NSW schools – Barry O’Farrell joins in the discussion (13th September 2010)
Faceless Men are back – in the Libs (13th September 2010)
Schools of Thought, Compass, ABC TV (12th September 2010)
Submission from ICCOREIS to Dr Sue Knight, the independent assessor (12th September 2010)
O’Farrell won’t commit to ethics classes (10th September 2010)
Parties draw lines on school ethics classes, Stateline (10th September 2010)
Barry O’Farrell says remarks on ethics classes a personal view (13th September 2010)
Religion | Judgement day looms for ethics classes in NSW schools (7th September 2010)
Shelley Gare Blog | The Sydney Institute (29th July 2010)
Churches don’t have monopoly on good life (13th July 2010)
Religion Divides Classes of ‘10 (5th July 2010)
Eleebana mum’s scripture fight – Local News – News – General – The Herald (3rd July 2010)


Ethics Centre to Roll Out Classes in Term 1 (24 November 2010)
Parents4Ethics Media Release (12th September 2010)
O’Farrell unwilling to support ethics classes if approved by Labor (11th September 2010)

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