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Change to enrolment form

Ethics Classes provider appeals to public for support (SMH 5 Jan 2015)
Does God belong in schools? (ABC 5 Feb 2015)
Should we have scripture classes in schools? (ABC 6 Feb 2015)
Ethics Teacher and Ethics Coordinator stories (ABC via Primary Ethics 26 Feb 2015)
Ethics classes come to Camden South (Camden Advertiser 27 Feb 2015)
Ethics classes ‘Critical Thinking’ (The Herald 17 Apr 2015)
Mike Baird denies deal with Fred Nile over proposed ethics class changes (SMH 2 Jun 2015)
Hiding ethics classes in schools shows little faith in parent’s ability to choose (SMH 3 Jun 2015)
Proposed ethics class changes in NSW schools amounts to pandering to Christian democrat Fred Nile, Opposition says (RadioAustralia 3 Jun 2015)
Nile denies power sale support linked to education changes (Echo News 3 Jun 2015)
Mike Baird’s poor judgement on power privitisation and ethics classes (SMH 3 Jun 2015)
Premier intervenes to deny choice in schools (Luke Foley 3 Jun 2015)
Rev Fred Nile, MLC talks to Linda Mottram about changes to school enrolment forms (702 Sydney 3 June 2015)
Christian Democrat Fred Nile denies he asked for ethics changes in NSW schools in exchange for privatisation support (ABC 3 Jun 2015)
Premier Mike Baird’s friend calls proposed ethics changes ‘misleading and deceptive’ (SMH 4 Jun 2015)
Education Minister Adrian Piccoli ‘not in a position’ to meet ethics providers over controversial change (SMH 4 Jun 2015)
In Mike Baird’s government, your level of access depends on your point of view (SMH 5 Jun 2015)
No place for liars, abusers (SMH 5 Jun 2015)
A dialogue about love, compassion and ethics: Dr Sue Knight talks with the Dalai Lama (starting at 40:27 minutes) (SMH 10 Jun 2015)
Dalai Lama supports ethics classes in NSW schools (SMH 10 Jun 2015)
Primary Ethics gains Dalai Lama as ally in fight against Christian Right (Bandt 11 Jun 2015)
Top business figures want to teach your kids ethics (AFR 20 Jun 2015)
An open letter to Premier Mike Baird from 66 philosophy academics (Facebook 26 Jun 2015)
Hiding ethics classes from parents is bad faith (The Conversation 23 Jun 2015)
Educators want matter of school ethics or scripture to fall to parents (SMH 29 Jun 2015)
Students deserve the option of ethics, educators say (Educator Online 30 Jun 2015)
Ethics checkbox removed from school enrolment form (SMH 3 Jun 2015)
Nothing ethical in government promotion of religion (SMH 19 Jul 2015)
Rev Fred Nile’s support of Baird legislation in jeopardy after education department ditched ethics agreement (The Daily Telegraph 4 Jul 2015) 
NSW Labor supports religious education in school hours despite Victorian Government ban  (ABC 20 Aug 2015)
Does religion in schools go beyond branding?  (Eureka Street 26 Aug 2015)
Ethics classes tackle the tricky questions in schools  (The Age 1 Oct 2015)

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