Ethics Future Investment Program

In common with many not-for-profit organisations, Primary Ethics exists without a permanent capital base from which to draw ongoing working capital or expansion needs. Consequently a large proportion of organisational resources are directed towards the ongoing need to raise new funds from individuals, corporations and private foundations to support  our work.

Funding sources can be unpredictable depending on many external factors, including market health and the financial prosperity of the moment, posing a significant risk to the stable and strategic path that Primary Ethics would prefer to take.

In September 2013, the Primary Ethics Future Trust was established – a separate and distinct unit trust with Primary Ethics as the sole unit holder. It was designed to provide a stable financial platform for the future of Primary Ethics. A group of dedicated people were brought together to focus solely on long term fund-raising and to provide expertise in the investment of those funds.

In November 2016, the trust was absorbed back into our parent organisation Primary Ethics Ltd – remaining under the same investment framework and expert management committee. In the interest of administrative efficiency, the external Trust has become the Ethics Future Investment Program and continues today to build towards a stable future for Primary Ethics.

If you are interested in contributing to our investment program, we would be very pleased to discuss your involvement. For a confidential discussion, please contact our Chief Executive Office Evan Hannah at  or on 02 8068 7752.