Tips on using lesson resources in COVID times

7 February 2022

The Department of Education has advised us that lesson resources such as handouts cannot be shared between students (in order to cut the risk of transmission of the coronavirus).

Teachers will need to make appropriate adjustments when preparing for and teaching lessons. Here are some tips but you may come up with your own solutions:

  • You will need more preparation time than usual, to consider these issues in advance for the particular lesson you’ll be teaching that day.
  • Consider printing a copy of the handout for each student, rather than one between two.
  • In some cases, you may decide to simply read the scenario out loud yourself, but please give this some thought beforehand. Typically handouts are used because there are pertinent details that students may like to refer back to when considering their answer.
  • If students don’t have the handout in front of them to check, you should emphasise the key points in the scenario when you read – varying pace, volume, using repetition, pauses and large physical and facial gestures (behind your mask).
  • If you normally ask students to pass an image around the circle, consider printing a couple (depending on the size of the group) and placing them in the middle of the circle.

Some lessons will require more adjustment than others. For example, in some topics, each small group has a different scenario to consider. If you are unsure how to adapt your lesson to the new requirements, please contact the Classroom Support Team (via EVIE or the Helpdesk) to discuss.