S.E.E Resources for Schools

Primary Ethics is the approved provider of Special Education in Ethics (SEE) in NSW public primary schools. For more information about the program, visit our information for schools page.

Resources to inform families about ethics classes

Here you will find

  • Flyers for enrolment packs and kindy orientation
  • Template for your school website
  • Content for newsletters

Enrolment information and kindy orientation

An image of the front cover of our families for flyer which shows an ethics teacher with her class

Information for families flyer

Our Information for families flyer is designed for enrolment and kindy orientation packs. It’s also handy to keep in a stack in your school office foyer.

Place an order for delivery of printed flyers (free) to your school.

Download and print options:

(Please note, Word files are likely just to download to your computer – look for the file at the bottom of your screen)

Please see column to the right for translated versions of the flyers.

School website

Download: template for SEE on school websites. See an example from a school here: http://www.hurstville-p.schools.nsw.edu.au/curriculum-activities/special-education-in-ethics-see


The SEE implementation procedures also require information about ethics classes to be communicated in newsletters or school apps when there is an update. This could include, for example;

  • when a new class is starting
  • to introduce a new ethics teacher
  • to highlight the need for a teacher to replace an ethics teacher who is retiring

Your volunteer ethics coordinator will work with you to provide content for these updates. See some examples of SEE newsletter content here.

These letter templates can be included in newsletters or given to children in ethics and meaningful activities classes.

Is your school new to the ethics program?

If you would like information about starting ethics classes in your school, please contact us.