Meet a volunteer: Joy Nason

Joy started volunteering with Primary Ethics in 2013, teaching a stage 2 class at Chatswood Public School.

Having been raised in a strict religious community, Joy is passionate about allowing people to think for themselves; a luxury that wasn’t afforded to her until she left the Exclusive Brethren in her early 20s.

“All you have to do is allow people to think for themselves, and ethics classes really give children opportunity to do that,” Joy says.

“When you hear what children come up with, it staggers me. It’s there in the child, the enquiring mind, the power of reasoning. Too often it gets stifled as we grow up.”

Over four years, Joy taught her grandson and his peers from year 3 to year 6. She has really enjoyed seeing students develop their abilities to express ideas, give reasons, and build on each others’ ideas.

As well as Primary Ethics, Joy has other volunteering roles. She has worked with the organisation Get-Up since 2007.

“Australia couldn’t function without volunteers,” says Joy.

Joy also has approximately 40 years’ experience working in adult education, primarily with TAFE.

We thank Joy for her four years of volunteering with Primary Ethics. Now that her grandson is in high school, she is moving house and enjoying some travel. We hope though that this is not the last we see of Joy.

Joy’s memoir ‘Joy & Sorrow’ details her transition from a youth who was denied education to a passionate educational professional and supporter herself. Photo from Daily Telegraph