Become a regional manager

Your organisational skills can have a big impact when put to work in a regional manager role for Primary Ethics. Regional managers coordinate ethics programs in schools across their region. They recruit and support volunteers, kick-start new programs in local schools and promote volunteer engagement in their local area.

Do you have between 5 and 10 hours per week to spare? We need organised, friendly regional managers to help communities provide ethics education for their children.

clipboard-1719736_640   Read the regional manager position description

To discuss the role, contact Volunteering Manager John Burgess on

Steps to becoming a regional manager

  1. Submit your application by emailing Volunteering Manager John Burgess (see above) 
  2. Complete a successful interview
  3. Obtain the required Primary Ethics criminal history check and a Working with Children Check
  4. Complete our online training and induction program
  5. Make sure you are fully vaccinated for Covid-19, to meet Department of Education requirements
  6. Review our Guidelines for Volunteers and sign our engagement form
  7. Participate in Continuing Professional Development as required

We look forward to welcoming you to our team of 2,600 volunteers delivering ethics education in 500 local primary schools across NSW.