Welcome and Waitlist Letters

About the Welcome Letter

Click here to download the current Welcome Letter for parents and carers.

This letter is designed to distribute to children in the first ethics class of the year. It gives parents/carers:

  • confirmation of their child’s place in an ethics class
  • the name of the child’s ethics teacher
  • an overview of the structure and curriculum and a link to the website for more information
  • examples of questions they might like to ask their children to help get the discussion going
  • instructions on subscribing to primaryethics@home to receive occasional useful information from Primary Ethics about the lessons.

Using the letter

Ethics coordinators can add their contact details to the letter if they wish or you can simply print as is. Please get permission from the school prior to printing and distribution – taking one copy in for the principal or SEE/SRE coordinator to check over is a good idea. The school may wish to add their logo onto the header.

Children can write their teacher’s name on the letter in their introductory class or the ethics teacher may prefer to write their name prior.

About the Waitlist Letter

Click here to download the current Waitlist Letter for parents and carers

This letter is designed to be distributed to those children whose parents selected ethics classes, but for whom a position is not yet available.

Its purpose is to:

  • inform parents/carers that their child is on a waitlist but is not currently enrolled in a class
  • invite them to volunteer or speak to others in their network about the volunteering opportunity
  • encourage them to sign up to primaryethics@home so they are able to understand more about the content of lessons or use some of the topics as basis for conversations with their children at home.

School liaison, modification and distribution: Ethics coordinators are asked to provide the letter to the school for distribution to children on the waitlist by Department of Education staff (such as their class teacher or the supervisor of meaningful activities). The contact details of the ethics coordinator and school principal can be  added.

Accompanying documents 

The Information for schools (School teacher’s guide) is designed to provide information about Primary Ethics programs to school principals and classroom teachers. Ethics coordinators are encouraged to provide copies of the School teacher’s guide when liaising with the school regarding the Welcome and Waitlist letters.

Click here to download the current School teacher’s guide to ethics classes