Supporter information

Kinghorn Family Foundation

John and Jill Kinghorn established the Kinghorn Foundation in 2005. In May 2013, the Foundation committed to provide significant funding to Primary Ethics for up to six years, subject to review after three years. This generous funding directly resulted in the employment of additional urgently needed people to cope with managing and supporting ethics classes and providing teacher training. The Kinghorn Family Foundation support will also help Primary Ethics to offer ethics classes in schools in greater western Sydney and regional NSW.

Paradice Family Foundation

The Paradice Family Foundation has very much enjoyed providing financial support for Primary Ethics. The foundation has been actively donating and supporting numerous Australian and international charities, particularly in the fields of public and special education, public health, sport and the arts, for many years. David Paradice believes that ethics education can help establish a sound moral compass in the younger generation which will lead to the betterment of the broader community. The foundation recognises the long term benefits that Primary Ethics education continues to provide which will be a vehicle to introduce positive social change to the next generation.

The Berg Family Foundation

Tony and Carol Berg and their family foundation have provided significant funding to Primary Ethics. The Berg Family Foundation supports the arts, medical research, animal welfare and various social issues, including indigenous disadvantage. They are enthusiastic supporters of Primary Ethics because ‘ethical behaviour in government, business and society generally leads to a much more confident and caring community with better outcomes for everyone. So exposing school children to ethical issues will lead them to think more carefully about the decisions and judgements they make throughout their lives.’

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation (VFFF)  provided seed funding to Primary Ethics through two generous grants, one in December 2011 and the other in March 2013. Developing ethical capability in individuals was a particular interest of Sir Vincent Fairfax. VFFF was motivated by Primary Ethics’ aims to encourage students to develop their moral reasoning and critical thinking skills, laying a foundation for ethical judgement and reasonable and responsible behaviour throughout their lives. These two grants provided valuable capacity building support at a critical time and was seen by VFFF as a highly catalytic and large-scale opportunity to contribute to the development of ethical reasoning and behaviour from an early age.

The Hogan Family Foundation

The Hogan Family Foundation was established by Bruce Hogan in 2008. Bruce Hogan is the chairman of Snowy Hydro Ltd and became the first chairman of Primary Ethics, leading the organisation since its inception in November 2010.
The Hogan Family Foundation played a major role in keeping Primary Ethics financially viable in its first few years. Bruce himself has been a tireless leader of Primary Ethics and attracted significant funding to get it through its first few years.

Christopher Cuffe Foundation

In 2010, the Christopher Cuffe Foundation helped to fund the successful 10-week ethics pilot run by St James Ethics Centre and the Federation of P&C Associations in NSW. The foundation was also an early and generous supporter of Primary Ethics during its first few years.

Chris spearheaded the creation of the Primary Ethics Future Trust (PEFT) in September 2013 and is a key adviser in helping Primary Ethics achieve the goal of financial security.

Rob Keldoulis

Rob is an advisor to the Tibet Information Office in Australia, the current Chairman Of Dalai Lama in Australia and a member of the National Advisory panel at Social Ventures Australia. He currently manages a trading organisation which is 100% owned by a charitable foundation.

Rob strongly believes in the importance of teaching ethics to children and contributed to Primary Ethics from late 2013. Since April 2015, he has also been donating Primary Ethics office space, first in Potts Point then Paddington.

Peter Joseph AM

Peter Joseph AM joined the board of  The Ethics Centre in 1994 and became its chairman in 1996, a position he still holds.

Peter helped to fund the ethics pilot run in 10 NSW schools in 2010 and was one of the handful of philanthropists whose generous support over three years allowed Primary Ethics to employ a skeleton staff in its first few tenuous years.

Rob Ferguson

Rob Ferguson is a leading company director whose current directorships include Chairman of Primary Health Care and the GPT Group.

Rob is passionate about ideas and has been closely involved with the Lowy Institute and the Sydney Institute. He spent a large part of his distinguished career at BT Australia, where he was chief executive during the 1980s and 1990s. Rob was one of the first people to commit to provide funding for Primary Ethics, beginning in 2011. This allowed the hiring of our first two employees in mid-2011 to support the growing number of volunteers who were keen to teach ethics to our children.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole has had a distinguished career in the investment banking and funds management industries. Following 17 years as a leading executive at Bankers Trust Australia, Michael has been prominent as a non-executive director. Current directorships include Chairman of Platinum Asset Management and IMB Building Society. He is the former Chairman of NSW State Super and NSW Treasury Corporation.

Michael committed to funding Primary Ethics from 2011, which contributed significantly to allowing the organisation to transition from all volunteers to two paid staff and 400 volunteers in its first 12 months of operation.

Cameron and Georgy McCullagh

Cameron McCullagh has enjoyed being part of teams that grew the businesses of White Outsourcing, Employers Mutual and Steadfast Insurance Brokers. Cameron is a director of Leading Edge Group and a significant investor in Armidale Investment Company, an ASX listed company.

Cameron and his wife Georgy are pleased to be supporting Primary Ethics to provide a framework and experience for students to develop moral reasoning and critical thinking skills, assisting them in future decision making and thereby becoming a positive factor in the further development of our society.