Training dates


If you’d like to teach ethics and volunteer at a school near you, please apply at You’ll need a minimum of 2 – 3 weeks to complete recruitment, background checks and background training. You’ll then be able to attend one of these free two day workshops, subject to a place being available. 

New teacher training workshops

Due to the COVID-19 situation face to face workshops are limited and restricted to 8 participants to ensure adequate social distancing. 

  • (No face to face sessions are available)

New teacher training online courses

New teacher training online courses have been introduced during the COVID-19 restrictions as an alternative to the new teacher training workshops. Course participants need to be able to commit to attend zoom sessions at the same time every week for a period of 5 weeks. The course commences with a 1 hour introductory Zoom session and is followed by weekly self-paced e-learning and contributing to an online forum (for approximately 1 hour) in preparation for the weekly 2 hour zoom sessions with a Primary Ethics trainer. 

Dates for a new round of courses are now published for the following dates. 

  • Sunday 7 Feb (10.00am) then 14, 21, 28 Feb & 7 Mar 2021
  • Monday 15 Feb (6.30pm) then 22 Feb, 1, 8 & 15 Mar 2021
  • Tuesday 16 Feb (9.30am) then 23 Feb, 2, 9 & 16 Mar 2021

New express online course runs two days a week over 2.5 weeks.

  • Mon/Thurs: 8 Feb (6.30pm) then 11, 15, 18 & 22 Feb 2021
  • Tues/Fri: 16 Feb (6.30pm) then 19, 23, 26 Feb & 2 Mar 2021
  • Thurs/Tues: 18 Feb (6.30pm) then 23, 25 Feb, 2 & 4 Mar

Ethics Coordinator – Virtual Classrooms

Due to the COVID-19 situation face to face Ethics Coordinator workshops are on hold until further notice. Ethics Coordinator Virtual Classrooms are available as an alternative for coordinators to complete their training. 

Dates for a new round of courses are now published for the following dates.

  • Saturday 13 Feb (1.00pm – 4.00pm) 
  • Saturday 20 Mar (1.00pm – 4.00pm)
  • Sunday 1 May (9.00am – 12noon)

Feedback from recent training sessions:

‘Possibly the best structured and most professionally delivered training course I have ever attended. Thank you’

‘Excellent program. I have been working in tertiary education over the past year and I think this was some of the best training in facilitating small group learning I have received’

‘I was so amazed with the training, how much practical training was present and how ready I feel now to the class, even though I was getting nervous about it before training. Thank you very much.’

‘The material presented to me was precise and logical. It combined to provide a conclusion that would prepare me in commencing my role as a teacher.’

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