Information for schools

Primary Ethics is the approved provider of Special Education in Ethics (SEE) in NSW public primary schools. Our curriculum is based on a community of inquiry learning model supported by volunteer-teacher-led questioning. The curriculum contains 79 topics with over 250 lessons – our volunteer teachers use detailed lesson materials for every lesson.

Primary Ethics’ lesson materials are aligned to the following general capabilities in the Australian curriculum and the NSW syllabus:

  • Ethical understanding
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability.

Download: School Teacher’s Guide to Ethics Classes for a useful overview of the program structure and pedagogy for school teachers and principals.

Information for your school community

The Department of Education Implementation Procedures instructs principals to make general information on all SRE and SEE options available to all parents and carers via enrolment information, the school website and school newsletter.

You will find a flyer for parents here >>

Participation letter

The Department of Education has a participation letter which lists all SEE and SRE options on the same form.

New to Primary Ethics?

If you would like to have ethics classes in your school please contact us to register your interest.