Our Supporters

Each year, more than 2,500 dedicated Primary Ethics volunteers generously provide their time and skills. It is an extraordinary and invaluable commitment from local communities to the children in their schools. To enable these amazing people to be recruited, trained and supported, we rely on donations and support from individuals, organisations and foundations.

Meet our foundation supporters

Without the belief and support provided by these extraordinary individuals and organisations, Primary Ethics would simply not exist. Together they laid the foundations for our organisation to begin. We cannot thank them enough for their contribution and for their firm belief in the benefits our classes offer to Australian school children. We are proud to say that almost all of our Foundation Supporters continue to provide their support to Primary Ethics as we grow each year.

Kinghorn Family Foundation Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
Christopher Cuffe Foundation Hogan Family Foundation Peter Joseph AM
Gonski Foundation Robert Ferguson Michael Cole Michael Pain Nick Greiner
Helen Lynch Robin Lowe David Gyngell Hempstead Marine Services Campos Coffee

Meet our ethics champions

These supporters, many who have been with us since day one, continue to give generously.

Kinghorn Family Foundation Paradice Family Foundation Berg Family Foundation
Christopher Cuffe Foundation Ainsworth Family Foundation 
Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Robert Keldoulis Hogan Family Foundation
Hunt Family Foundation Brennan Family Foundation Gray Family Foundation Cameron and Georgiana McCullagh Max Bowen Colin Bell Ferris Family Foundation Gonski Foundation Robert Ferguson
Michael Cole John Gerahty Sky Foundation Helen Lynch Nine Links Foundation
Tim Ryan Ian and Linda Martin Charitable Foundation James Fairfax
Wilson Asset Management Australian Philanthropic Services Robin Low
Susan Gabriel Nick Greiner Robert Barry Michael Pain Tony Schultz Percy Allan AM
Samuel Weiss Alan Cameron Walter Lewin Foundation Bruce Morgan
Australian Ethical Investments Ltd Brennan Family Foundation