Workplace Giving

A workplace giving program is set up by an employer so that their employees can donate to a charity directly from their salaries. A workplace giving program is easy for employers to set up and provides many benefits for both companies and employees while supporting a great cause. Employers can also choose to match their employee’s contributions.

Donating to a registered charity helps employees to feel like they are making a difference to a cause they feel passionately about. Charities receive 100 per cent of all funds donated through workplace giving.


Since all donations are made through their payroll, employees don’t need to do anything once they are set up.

Tax savings

Donations of more than two dollars are deducted from an employee’s salary before it is taxed, resulting in an immediate tax saving.

Other benefits

Workplace giving is about more than just donations. We can meet with your company and share the benefits of our program, the opportunities it represents to our volunteers and to their students as well as the practical benefits of workplace giving.

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