Primary Ethics Bites!

Primary Ethics is proud to have offered an online alternative to ethics classes in school. Due to students returning to learning at school, we recognise the need to support families at home is no longer critical, even though ethics is not currently being delivered in all schools. We are reviewing all of our Bites and are considering how we offer Bites in the future.


Primary Ethics Bites

Bites is our series of specially designed bite-sized lessons for students to chew over at home, practising their skills in close listening and ethical reasoning, based on material from our curriculum. Bites for the K-2 age group are designed for students to tackle individually, with one or more family members, assisted by an adult. Bites for Years 3-6 are designed for students to work on individually or with a family group. An adult learning supervisor may like to take part by helping read the stories and questions and helping students think for themselves about the dilemma we pose. Each Bite takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Please scroll down to see a sample of our most recent Bites.

 Sample 2021 Bites

 years K – 2

Please can we keep her Dad?


This Bite challenges students to think about the needs and appropriate treatment of wild animals and pets.

How much should the pig get?


This Bite encourages students to think about what it means to treat people fairly and to reflect on the rule of strict equality.

When is it okay to be proud?


This Bite asks students to wonder whether they have any right to be proud of themselves and, if they do, on what basis.

Can we be sure?


This Bite asks students to make their best guesses, when they don’t have all the information they need to be sure.

Years 3 – 6

Do family and friends come first?


This Bite encourages students to consider whether they have good reasons to do more for their family and friends than for other people.

Keep Out!


This Bite asks students to think about what it is to be selfish and why some people are selfish.

Who should get the garden?


This Bite challenges students to think about how to balance the conflicting interests of animals and people.

Accident or on purpose?


This Bite invites students to think about the extent to which we can be held morally responsible for our decisions and actions.